Types of Alarm Systems for Your New Home

Types of Alarm Systems for Your New HomeIf you’re building a new custom home in Florida, chances are you’ll want to include a home security system. But how do you pick from the many different types of alarm systems for your new home? We’ll explore the options in today’s article.

Monitored Security Systems

Monitored security networks are amongst the most popular on the market. The actual alarm system equipment is typically installed by the monitoring company.

There is usually an equipment and/or installation fee, although some or all of these costs may be waived if you sign a contract for monitoring for a specific period of time (i.e. one year or two years.)

These alarm systems cover the windows, doors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and an actual house alarm. Some may also have video cameras as part of the system, while others do not. You can also expect to pay additional fees if you would like to cover more windows/doors than what is included in the package you’ve purchased.

There is a monthly monitoring fee associated with this type of system.

Unmonitored Alarm Systems

Unmonitored security networks are growing in popularity as technology advances. The homeowner or builder must install this type of alarm system independently.

These unmonitored alarm systems can include window and door sensors, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, house alarms and video surveillance. You can also integrate a “smart” doorbell system, which allows you to view the visitor and speak with them via a video intercom that’s connected to your smartphone or another mobile device.

Most of these systems are wireless and transmit directly to the cloud, saving data and camera footage online. You can usually configure your system to send wireless alerts to your smartphone or other devices. Some of these alarm systems can be configured to notify the police department or fire department if certain conditions are met. (i.e. the alarm sounds for more than 60 seconds, or a panic button is depressed.)

Unmonitored alarm systems do not have a monthly monitoring fee, although you are required to purchase all of the equipment up-front (which generally isn’t required in the case of monitored alarm systems.)

Smart Home Alarm Systems

Types of Alarm Systems for Your New HomeAn increasing number of home security systems are integrated with other “smart home” technology. So you can opt for an alarm and security system that allows you to control other areas of the home, such as the lights, the thermostat, the door locks and the garage door. You can also tap into camera feeds, and some systems enable you to pivot or zoom the camera to get a better look. Some of the newest systems can even communicate with and control smart appliances.

These systems are typically connected to Wi-Fi, enabling you to control your home remotely. This gives the appearance that you’re home, even when you’re away.

A modern, smart home system is one of the most popular types of alarm systems for your new home.

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