Tile vs. Shingle Roofs – A Roofing Type Comparison

Tile vs. Shingle Roofs – A Roofing Type ComparisonIf you’re building a new custom home, you’ll need to make many different decisions, including choosing the type of roofing for your new house. The type of roofing can have a major impact on the overall look of your home, the cost, the degree of maintenance that’s required and the lifespan of the roof. So when considering tile vs. shingle roofs, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind.

Tile vs. Shingle Roofs: Cost, Repairs, and Maintenance

Tile roofs are, on average, about twice the cost of the average shingle roof. But in many cases, the lifespan of the tile roof is about twice that of the shingle roof, so the actual cost-per-year is more or less equal.

In terms of repairs and maintenance, both roofing styles require periodic cleaning to look their best. Shingle roofs tend to require more repairs, especially as the roof ages. Roof tiles generally hold up quite well, though in time, they too can crack and deteriorate.

When the shingles are relatively new, they are very flexible so even if high winds lift the shingles, they bend and flex. So fairly new, high-quality shingles do have the ability to hold up as well as or even better than roof tiles in high winds. But over time, they become more brittle, so when exposed to high winds, they just fracture and break.

Roof tiles, on the other hand, will tolerate winds in the same manner regardless of age. It takes much higher wind speeds to lift roof tiles, but when they do separate from the roof, the result can be quite dangerous as they turn into flying projectiles which can cause a lot of collateral damage to other areas of the roof, nearby vehicles, structures, and people.

Tile vs. Shingle Roofs: Appearance and Colors

The look of a tile roof is quite distinctive and tropical. There are a number of different tile shapes and colors to choose from, although very pale-colored roofing tiles tend to be fairly uncommon. This does create a disadvantage in terms of energy efficiency because the darker the color, the less sunlight is reflected. This results in the potential for a hotter attic and a hotter home. So extra insulation and a good attic ventilation system may be required to help counteract this effect.

Shingle roofs are also available in many different colors and styles. The range of shingle colors, styles and price points tends to be a bit broader than those available for roofing tiles.

Other Considerations When Considering Tile vs. Shingle Roofs

Tile vs. Shingle Roofs – A Roofing Type ComparisonAnother key consideration is the weight of the roof. Tile roofs are much heavier than a shingle roof and the actual roof structure must be sufficiently robust in order to accommodate this weight. Generally, this is not a problem when building a new home, although the overall cost may be a bit higher.

In an existing home, you may need to retrofit the home in order to provide the structural integrity required to support the tile roof.

An increasingly popular alternative that can mimic the look of tile and shingle roofing is the metal roof. Metal roofing is available in many different styles, and this roofing material is generally regarded as having the longest lifespan and the lowest cost of ownership (although the cost of materials can make this roofing type cost-prohibitive for some.)

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