Swimming Pool Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Swimming Pool Ideas for Your New Custom HomeIf you’re building a new custom home in Florida, you’ll have the ability to enjoy your pool area year-round. The hard part is deciding which style of pool to choose for your home! Consider these cool swimming pool ideas for your new custom home.

Pool Islands and Peninsulas

A pool island or peninsula can add a wonderful and very unique aesthetic element to your pool. You can add trees and plantings to the island or peninsula, or you can use this structure as a platform for a fountain or water element. The possibilities are limitless!

Pool Bars and Swim-up Dining Areas

If you enjoy entertaining, then a swim-up bar and dining area is a must-have element for your new home’s pool.

A pool bar can serve as the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen too, offering a fun way to enjoy a few drinks and dine outdoors without overheating.

Pool Shallows and Wading Areas

If you have children or pets, then a wading area (or an entirely separate wading pool) can be a wonderful inclusion.

You can opt for a wading pool, which is separated from the main pool by a wall, or you can opt for a shelf-type structure. The only disadvantage of the shelf-style wading area is that a child or pet could inadvertently step off into the deeper water.

If you have a large area for your pool, you can even opt for a walk-in pool, with a “shore” just like you’d see in the ocean. The only disadvantage is that you need a fairly sizable area for the pool if you would like it to reach a depth beyond 4-5 feet.

Water Elements, Fountains, and Lighting

There are so many different options for water elements and fountains. Most Floridians will have a spa area beside the pool, with a spill-over wall. There are tons of different options for this spill-over area, which can include stones and lighting for a cool water effect.

You can also combine lighting with these water elements to create a range of different effects.

Pool Textures and Colors

There are many different pool textures and colors to choose from. These pool surfacing options can create a number of different effects in terms of the water color and the overall appearance of the pool.

You can create a more traditional pool appearance, or you may opt for the appearance of a more natural environment. It’s even possible to integrate stones into the floor and walls of the pool to create the look of a pond-type area.

Unique Pool Styles

Swimming Pool Ideas for Your New Custom HomeThe sky is truly the limit when it comes to the style of the actual pool and the surrounding pool area. From an “infinity” pool, to more unique pools with glass sides that create a “fish tank” like appearance. It’s even possible to place the pool on the roof, with a thick glass floor that serves as the ceiling of the house (although this requires significant structural accommodations in the actual design of the home due to the significant weight of the water.)

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