Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Custom Home Builder

Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Custom Home BuilderYou have checked out our website, read our testimonials and probably even talked to us on the phone about your dream home. It’s now time to set up a meeting and discuss your new custom home.

When meeting up with a custom home builder for the first time, it’s always a good idea to have some information gathered beforehand, so that when you finally meet, the meeting can be as productive and useful as possible. The builder will first explain how the process works, the costs associated, and the time expected for completion of your project.

If you have purchased a lot, then you should have received a plat where you closed on the property. This is where the builder will be able to access the lot. Although we never advise the client to speak to a civil engineer or an architect before meeting the builder, if the client has already spoken with either and hadthem complete a site plan, then it is important to bring a copy of the drawings and designs with you. If you have met neither, there is no need to worry. We actually prefer that you don’t, because the earlier we are involved in the design process, the better for everyone.

Finding The Perfect Lot

In case you have not purchased a lot yet, then be rest assured that we will help you locate one. Our staff is qualified to assist in getting the perfect lot for you. However, before we begin we need to know the following:

Where would you like to live?

  • Is there a specific county, city or town you prefer?
  • Is there a specific school district that you would want your home to be located?
  • Do you prefer a developed neighborhood or a secluded area?
  • How much land do you want for your custom home?
  • Would you prefer living close to commute corridors e.g. I-4 for your commute to work?

The cost of living in Florida greatly depends on what school district, town or city that you wish to have your custom home built in. Therefore, it is important that you know this information when establishing a budget.

Designing Your Custom Home

Depending on the custom home that you are trying to build, we may recommend using our in-house designer or engaging an architect to complete the design of your desired custom home. Therefore, in order to be sure that we determine the best course of action and get the approximate costs of the final home we might need you to provide us with the following information:

  • How big do you want your custom home?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like?
  • What is the desired style of the home? Traditional, contemporary, Mediterranean or something else?
  • What kinds of finishes do you want for your home?

Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Custom Home BuilderIf you have a picture or a sample of designs that you might have picked online or in a magazine, please bring us a copy.

Determining Your Budget

What have you planned to spend on your dream home? In order for us to design and complete a custom home that fits within what you are comfortable spending, then we need to know this upfront. In most cases, clients do not share this kind of information and end up spending a lot more than they were hoping to spend. If we have an inkling of what budget you have in mind, then we can guide you through the entire process, while staying on budget.

If you follow these guidelines, then, you are ready to meet with us. Please feel free and call us at (863) 232-4924.