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Choosing the Best Custom Home Builders in Polk County

Polk County Custom Home BuildersBuilding your custom home can be one of the most important decisions in your life, and to build the house of your dreams, you need to have a trusted and experienced home builder by your side. At Hulbert Homes, we have been building and creating custom homes since 1997. Whether you want a contemporary or Mediterranean style home or even a completely custom design, we can build it for you.

We are proud ambassadors of America’s “green” building initiative and employ an A+ certified staff.Our company is also a member of FGBC (Florida Green Builders Coalition), and our team leader Mark Hulbert is a certified Green Building Professional by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builder’s).

In addition to our years of experience, “green” building efforts, and innovative designs, we have been rewarded for our high-quality work with numerous industry awards. In the last 15 years, Hulbert Homes has won 175 Polk County Builder’s Association awards. We have also won 35 “Home of the Year” awards and the award for “Best Overall Quality” every year since 1998.

One of the biggest perks of working with our award-winning design team is that we have so much pride in our workmanship that we offer a warranty that is twice the industry standard, giving each customer two (2) full years of Workmanship Protection. This means if any problem should occur due to workmanship issues, we guarantee the problem will be asserted and fixed. No questions asked!

The Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Polk County

When looking for a new home in Polk County, there are plenty of options available when settling on a pre-existing property. However, there is no freedom of choice involved. In fact, once purchased, you must be content with the design and layout, or ultimately you may have to remodel the home. Therefore, the biggest benefit of building a custom home is the ability to have to choose and customize literally every aspect of your custom home.

To make this decision process less of a burden, our state of the art Design Center offers samples and products of every customization available for your future home. In this showroom, you will find our in-house interior designer Kimberly, who will happily guide you while providing information and assistance during your visit. With Kimberly’s years of experience and knowledge of the latest industry trends, you are sure to make the best decisions for your home.

In theory, when building your own custom home, the benefits include the ability to have a choice in every matter. Not only will your house be built where you want it, how you want it, and for a price you choose, but you will be ultimately satisfied in knowing your decisions resulted in the home of your dreams.

The Role of a Polk County Custom Home Builder

Polk County Custom HomesAs your Polk County custom home builder, your relationship with the team at Hulbert Homes will be more like a friendship and trusted partnership. Before any contracts are signed, we build trust and understanding by really listening to our clients, learning what they want and desire in not only their future home, but in their lives as well. It is during this time, that we work closely with our clients to make sure there is a realistic and attainable budget established and one of our main tasks involve keeping track of the entire process so that the proposed budget is not exceeded.

We also manage all subcontractors and external vendors during the building process and only use the most experienced and top-rated architects, contractors, and additional building personnel. This ensures that your custom home is of the highest quality and exceeds your expectations.

The Process of Building a Custom Home in Polk County

Step 1: Pre-Construction
During the pre-construction phase, some of the most imperative decisions that affect the entire building process are made. It is during this time that we work with our clients to determine a budget, locate an ideal land plot, and collaborate to create the design for your custom home. If you’re interested in a completely custom design or if you are unsure where to start, feel free to check out Our Work for previous home designs and styles. Our design team will translate your ideas and wishes for our contractors so that they can bring these ideas to life. The pre-construction stage is also when all the necessary permits and paperwork will be completed, therefore allowing us to provide a tentative timeline for each important stage of the building process.

Step 2: Construction
During the construction phase, your custom home will start being built. While our team is constructing your home, you will have the opportunity to visit our state of the art Design Center. In this showroom, you will be able to make decisions regarding paint colors, flooring, furnishes, and much more.

Step 3: Post-Construction and Warranty
At Hulbert Homes, our business strives on high-quality workmanship, innovative designs, our hard-working staff and ultimately the complete satisfaction of our customers. These reasons are why we are so confident in our product and offer every client who builds a custom home with us a warranty that is twice the industry standard. That’s right, for every house we build, we include two (2) full years of workmanship protection. Therefore, if any problems arise as a result of our workmanship, we guarantee they will be fixed. No matter what!

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To contact us, please call (863) 216-6092 or fill out our Contact Us form and we will reach out to you shortly. If you’d like to speak directly with our CEO Mark Hulbert, feel free to reach him by e-mail at mark@hulberthomes.com.

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