Outdoor Landscaping Trends in Lakeland

Outdoor Landscaping Trends in LakelandIf you’re building a new home in Lakeland, Florida or have an existing home that’s in need of a new landscaping overhaul, you may want to consider a few of these fabulous outdoor landscaping trends for Florida homes.


Courtyards are an increasingly popular design element in many new Florida homes, as you can enjoy the courtyard year-round as an outdoor living space.

Your courtyard can include lots of wonderful elements, including plantings and palm trees, water features, beautiful landscape lighting and even a wading pool. The sky is truly the limit. Many homeowners even opt for large sliders which enable you to essentially pull down the walls for a truly open floor plan!

Water Elements

Water elements such as ponds and fountains are a very popular outdoor landscaping trend in Lakeland and beyond into other areas of Florida.

Your water element can take on a more tropical feel or opt for a more Asian look, complete with Koi fish. The design aesthetic is totally up to you! What’s more, you can enjoy wildlife such as birds which may stop by to visit your water feature during the heat of the day.

Coral Sandstone

Florida is home to lots of coral-laden sandstone. In fact, when building your home, it’s not uncommon for the construction crews to pull out some large chunks of coral sandstone from the building site. Those rocks can often be repurposed as large landscaping rocks.

You can also find coral sandstone pavers and small landscaping stones which can be added to your landscape as a water-saving design element. Or, if you’re

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more homeowners opt to create an outdoor living space. Your garden room can be created using plantings or design elements, such as an arbor, pergola or other similar structures.

Your garden room can include many different elements, such as plantings, a deck, arbor, pergola, gazebo, a sitting area, patio, a pool or water feature, a fire bowl or fire pit, and anything else that you desire!

A garden room can serve as a wonderful spot for entertaining and relaxing. You can even add an outdoor kitchen. The possibilities are truly limitless.


Outdoor Landscaping Trends in LakelandXeriscaping is very popular in Florida, as it’s a water-friendly option that uses stones in place of water-hungry grass or bark mulch. This is ideal for Florida, where water restrictions are commonly implemented during the hot summer months.

Some communities, including gated communities, have restrictions on xeriscaping your entire front or back yard, but it is typically possible to xeriscape a large portion of the yard, making for a beautiful and environmentally-friendly landscape that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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