Hulbert Homes Lakeland, Florida Custom Home BuildersBuilding a new home is one of the largest investments most people will make in a lifetime. Therefore, it is imperative that you make the best decisions possible during the process. The first essential step is choosing the right custom home builder for your home building project. Remember, most likely you will be working with your custom home builder for half a year to a year and as in any relationship, trust, honest and clear communication is paramount to your new home’s success.

Why Choose Hulbert Homes to Build Your Custom Home in Lakeland?

If you are looking to build your new luxury home in Lakeland, Florida, we at Hulbert Homes offer almost 20 years of extensive experience. We have been constructing homes since 1997 and have made several changes in the past decade in the way we construct our homes, both in design and structure. The most significant change we have made is building healthier, sustainable and energy-efficient homes. We are proud to be ambassadors of America’s green building initiative in Lakeland, Florida and are certified FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) home builders. If you are looking to build a custom home, Hulbert Homes’ has multiple resources available including our state of the art Design Center. This showroom is equipped with an interior decorator who will guide you through the home-building process, while offering you some of the best design samples and products to get you the luxury house of your dreams.

Apart from just building green homes, Hulbert Homes has an A+ certified staff. Our team leader Mark Hulbert is also a certified Green Building Professional by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builder’s). Therefore, if you decide to choose green products for your new house to save on costs and conserve energy, your home will be an FGCB certified home.

In addition, we are award-winning custom home builders and have received numerous accolades, including 175 Polk County Builder’s Association awards in the last 15 years, 35 “Home of the Year” awards and the award for “Best Overall Quality” every year since 1998. Unlike other custom home builders, we offer a warranty that is twice the industry standard. With every house we build, each client receives a 2-year warranty and if a problem arises due to any workmanship issues, we guarantee the problem will be corrected. No questions asked!

The Role of a Lakeland Custom Home Builder

An exceptional custom home builder acts as an advocate for the homeowner as well as a collaborative and integral member of your new home’s design team. That is why at Hulbert Homes, we work closely with the homeowner and the design team to make sure that we establish a realistic budget for the project. This allows us to monitor the costs and ensures that we stay on track through the design and construction process.

An experienced custom home builder will also manage your subcontractors during the design phase to make certain that the design team can coordinate the key building systems into the overall design of your custom house. At Hulbert Homes, our experience speaks for itself and as a result, we are among the top Lakeland custom home builders in the area. Our extensive knowledge of all building systems ensures that functions are executed as outlined by the designer’s plan specifications.

The Decision to Build New or Buy Pre-Owned

It is common to find many homeowners who are still uncertain about whether to build a new home or go for a remodeled option. The main problem with remodeling an existing home is that, at the end of the day, it might not sufficiently suit you and your family’s needs. At Hulbert Homes, we understand your frustration, our experience in building custom homes has lead us to the realization that constructing a new custom or luxury house is a major lifetime and financial decision that is far reaching, but well worth it.

Therefore, our main objective in this particular case is to make sure that you make the right choice in a Lakeland home builder that will ultimately serve the needs of your family. We understand the importance of your home to you and your family, and by contracting us, you are making the right move towards ensuring that your expectations are met and even surpassed. At Hulbert Homes, we are keen on providing the highest possible quality of work to make certain that your custom dream home is built right, the first time.

The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home offers homeowners a number of benefits. This often means that the potential homeowner gets the opportunity to customize their new home to their desired liking. They also have the chance to include a wide variety of features like energy efficient equipment and building material as well as identifying the ideal specifications that they would want their custom homes to have.

If you are buying a home, choosing a custom built one lets you have control over every decision and detail from the floor up. At the end of it all, you will have customized every aspect of your new home, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction. Ultimately making an investment in a custom built house will allow you the luxury of creative freedom that many others who purchase existing homes will never have.

Hulbert Homes Lakeland, Florida Custom Home BuildersAt Hulbert Homes, we strive for total customer satisfaction. We also ensure that every single detail of our construction receives the same kind of attention from the beginning to the very end. In the event that you plan on having a custom built house, be assured that we will handle the entire project from the lot walk through to the final construction. If you want your new home remodeled or renovated instead, we will make sure that the construction process runs smoothly, ensuring that the home is perfectly reshaped to suit you and your family’s lifestyle and needs.

If you are looking to build your new luxury house, or custom home in Lakeland, Florida, then you need to get in touch with Hulbert Homes. We believe our customers are the most important part of the custom home building process. We also believe the value of our expertise should be as great as the home itself.

If you would like to consult our team or find out more about the services we offer in Lakeland, feel free to contact us. Build the custom home of your dream with Hulbert Homes.