Ensuring Your New Home is Energy Efficient

Ensuring Your New Home is Energy EfficientWhen building a new home, energy efficiency is a major consideration to keep in mind as this can have a tremendous impact on the long-term cost of homeownership. A well-constructed eco-friendly, energy-efficient Mulberry home can bring about savings of as much as 50% over other homes. That can translate into thousands of dollars over the years on your utility bills and other home-related expenses.

So how do you ensure that your new Mulberry home is energy efficient? Well, you’ll want to consider the following points.

Roofing Color and Exterior Color

One of the key considerations for your home involves roofing color and exterior color, as this can have a tremendous impact on how much radiant heat is reflected from your home. In Florida, dark roofing colors and dark paint colors tend to result in a hotter, less energy efficient home. So this is an important consideration to keep in mind when selecting exterior paint and roofing colors.

Insulated, Multi-Pane Windows

Your home’s windows are a major point of consideration, as the windows account for a lot of heating in the summer and a lot of heat loss on those rare cold winter days.

Opt for windows with an insulated window frame and a special Low-E coated glass. This coating blocks UV rays from entering your home, thereby preventing much of the heating that occurs, while also helping you to avoid sun fading on your furniture, artwork, carpets, window treatments and walls.

Multi-pane windows are also key. Two-pane windows are fairly standard, although triple-pane windows offer even more insulation from temperature and noise. The panes are separated by an argon or krypton gas filling, which offers greater insulation from the outdoor temperatures and sound.

Attic Insulation for Better Energy Efficiency

Ensuring Your New Mulberry Home is Energy EfficientWhen hot air accumulates in your home’s attic, it results in a surprising amount of heating down in the lower portion of your home as well. Putting in lots of high-efficiency insulation can limit the amount of heating that occurs in your attic, while also preventing the hot air from penetrating into the living area.

You can also opt to install a ventilation system in your attic to help suck out the hot air that accumulates.

Insulating your walls can also bring about significant improvement in energy efficiency. This is especially important if you have a two-story home with wood frame on the second floor. The cement block first floor tends to remain cooler, while the wood frame second floor is less energy efficient without the proper insulation (plus, heat rises!)

Other Tips for Ensuring Your New Mulberry Home is Energy Efficient

There are lots of other ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, including:

  • installing insulated doors;
  • installing LED lights in place of incandescent bulbs;
  • install a solar pool heating system;
  • opting for Energy Star-rated appliances; and
  • install a “smart” programmable thermostat.

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