Why Choose a Green Home Builder in South Lakeland

Why Choose a Green Home Builder in South LakelandIf you’re in the process of choosing a builder for your new custom home, then you may want to consider hiring a green builder who uses eco-friendly construction methods and materials to construct an energy-efficient home with a minimal carbon footprint. Let’s explore what distinguishes a green builder from all others and how a green-built home provides you with benefits.

What is a Green Home Builder?

A green home builder is a developer who uses renewable resources, eco-friendly materials and other earth-friendly building techniques to construct a home that has minimal waste, a minimal impact on the environment while also being highly energy efficient to ensure eco-friendliness in the long term.

Now that green building has increased in prominence and popularity, green-built homes are more and more comparable to a typical home in terms of price. While some eco-friendly materials may cost a bit more, there is less waste and the long-term energy-efficiency benefits make a green-built home far more affordable to own due to the lower utility expenses.

How is a Green Built Home Different From a Traditional Home?

A green built home is different from a house built using traditional construction methods in a number of different ways. Here is a look at some of the techniques and strategies that are utilized when building an eco-friendly home.

Location: Green builders generally avoid west-facing homes to minimize sun exposure. They may recommend a location with natural shading from nearby trees. Some homes can even be built into a hillside or partially underground for natural cooling.

Water: A rainwater recovery system may be installed to supply the irrigation system and other non-potable water needs. A solar water heating system can be installed to supply hot water and to warm your pool and spa.

Lights and Solar: Your home may be outfitted with solar panels to supply some of the home’s electricity needs, while outdoor lights can be outfitted with solar chargers.

Why Choose a Green Home Builder in South LakelandInsulation: Green-built homes are highly insulated to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Eco-friendly insulations such as cellulose are highly efficient and very affordable. Heating and cooling expenses account for about half of the average home’s costs, so this is key for ensuring your home is highly efficient. Windows and doors are also key points for unwanted heating/cooling, so your green builder will use the most efficient, well-insulated models available.

Heating and Cooling: Green homes are designed in a manner to promote the right type of air flow, which ensures a more even, comfortable temperature year-round. Some homes can be heated and cooled with geothermal heating and cooling systems, which use heat exchangers deep in the earth to warm and cool water and air, so there is no need to burn fossil fuels or other costly, harmful substances.

Sustainable and Recycled Materials: Your green builder can use many recycled materials in the construction of your home, and there is a concerted effort to minimize any waste. Additionally, your builder will typically use locally-sourced building materials, as this cuts down on both the carbon footprint and the cost.

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