To Buy or To Build Your Home: Pre-Owned Vs. Custom

To Buy or To Build Your Home: Pre-Owned Vs. CustomOne of the most important things that any homeowner needs to consider before planning or buying a new home is choosing the right builder. Most builders can be classified into production, who build multiple houses, or custom builders, who build unique luxury homes. This decision will solely depend on the amount of decisions will be made by you and how much input you would like to have while partnering with your design team during the entire construction process. In short, the difference between buying a pre-owned house and building a custom home is based on your preference.

Is a custom home best for you?

At Hulbert Homes, our main goal is to work with our clients to build the custom home they’ve always wanted. However, building a custom home is not for everyone. To be sure that a custom house is the right choice for you, you might need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Will I be comfortable making a multitude of decisions?
  2. Am I confident in my decision making?
  3. Am I able to understand the difference between quality and perfection?
  4. Will I be able to work well with others while collaborating in the decision making process?
  5. Can I take constructive criticism?
  6. Is my life stable enough to be able to take on time-consuming projects? Will I be willing to commit to a process that will extend for several months to come and will need my frequent participation?

The next steps to take after deciding to build a custom home

There is clearly a big difference between buying an already existing home and building a custom home. The custom home building process requires a higher level of involvement on your part and not every homeowner is up to the challenge.

  • Once you have decided to go the route of building your own custom home, and before you set out to hire a builder, you must take the time to research. That way you can know you are getting the best custom home building experience for your money.
  • This can be achieved by thoroughly looking up various custom home builders and choosing the one that will work best for your unique circumstances. In particular, make sure that you are working with an actual custom home design firm.
  • Make sure that you protect your lifetime investment with the builder’s warranty; your builder needs to provide a one-year minimum warranty that will cover defects in workmanship and material. At Hulbert Homes, we offer a 2-year warranty!
  • Never skip inspections. In your contract, make certain that you have a third party inspector that will offer an impartial report at various stages of the home building process.

At Hulbert Homes, we believe that building your own custom home building needs to be exciting and ultimately rewarding in the end. That is why we would love to work with you to build a luxury custom home that satisfies all your needs as well as your personal sense of style and taste. We invite you to contact us and learn more!