Brandon Home Values

Brandon Home ValuesAre you in the process of preparing to build a new home? There are many points to consider as you search out the ideal city or town to construct your custom home. You want a community with a good location and the amenities you’re seeking. But beyond this, you’ll also want to consider property value. That’s because a community’s property values can impact the resale value of your house very significantly.

For example, if you were to build two identical homes in two different communities, the resale value of those homes could vary by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars — a differential that far exceeds any differential in land price. Location truly does matter, so by building in the right community, you can impact the value of your home in the future if you decide to sell.

What Are the Current Brandon Home Values?

Brandon, Florida is situated just outside of Tampa, making it a wonderful community for commuters who work in Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater. It’s also local to Interstate 75, a primary local highway.

Located in Hillsborough County, Brandon is comprised of 29.3 square miles and it’s home to just over 103,000 residents according to the most recent census data available.

Brandon home values are fairly average for Florida, which is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of real estate prices.

According to the Brandon home value data found on Zillow, the July 2016 median sale price was $172,000, reflecting a significant 9.3% jump over the figures from just 12 months prior. Zillow predicts that Brandon home prices will continue to rise, with a 3.9% increase expected over the 12-month period from August 2016 to July 2017. This would bring the median home price in Brandon to $178,000 in July 2017.

Looking at historical home value data in Brandon, the community saw a real estate value low in February 2012, when the median home price dipped to just $112,000. This low came at the end of a downslide that followed the August 2006 high with a median price of $216,000.

Brandon Home ValuesThe good news is that Brandon home values have been on the rise since the February 2012 low. Today’s prices are on par with May 2008 prices (which was shortly before the 2009 real estate market crash.)

While Brandon property values are not exceptionally high, the projected increase in values is good news for those who are seeking to buy land for your new home while prices are still affordable.

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