Situated in Central Florida, Polk County is just a stone’s throw from Tampa Bay and its incredible beaches and popular attractions. While in the other direction, you’ll find Orlando and its world-renowned theme parks are about an hour’s drive.

But for those in seek of local recreational opportunities, you won’t even need to go that far, as Polk County is home to lots of great recreation. In fact, it’s a bit of an outdoorsman’s dream, as this region has hundreds of small lakes, combined with plenty of parks and recreational opportunities!

Polk County Recreation: Boating in Winter Haven’s Chain of Lakes

You don’t need to be on Florida’s coastline to enjoy boating (although it’s a short 45-minute drive to the shore!) because Polk County is home to a total of 554 lakes, many of which are publicly accessible.

One boating hotspot is Winter Haven’s chain of lakes, which is comprised of 16 interconnected lakes, which are connected by channels. This area is super popular amongst recreational boaters and fisherman alike.

There’s also Lake Shipp Park, which is situated at the end of the lake chain. There, in the 18-acre park, you’ll find picnic areas, sports fields and children’s play equipment.

Polk County Recreational Activities: Water Skiing

The Winter Haven chain of lakes and many of the surrounding lakes are super popular amongst water skiers, earning the region the title of “Water Skiing Capital of the World.”

There are lots of local boat companies that offer water skiing excursions. If you have your own boat and equipment, you’ll find Polk County’s lakes are ideal for water skiing.

Polk County: Educational Opportunities for Local Residents

There are many educational opportunities for students in the state of Florida. Many of which come in the form of scholarships. If you are planning to build in Polk County and you have children, here are a few bi-annual and annually renewing scholarship opportunities you’ll likely be interested in. While some have unique requirements and qualifications, we’ve found these to be applicable to a very wide range of applicants including students, minorities, and women. The Polk State College Foundation, The Young Learner’s Scholarship, The Local Minorities Scholarship and The Polk Education Foundation,

Polk County Recreation: Fishing for Bass, Bluegill and Crappie

Polk County has tons of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. You can find lots of bass, crappie and bluegill in the area. In fact, the Lake Walk-in-Water is known as a prime location for catching trophy bass (particularly in the area of Frostproof.)

There are lots of fishing charters available, but you can also fish from the banks or the piers. You will need a fishing license, but that’s no problem because they’re sold in the sporting goods section of most local Wal-Marts and they’re also available at each city’s Tax Collector’s Office.

In addition to these recreational opportunities, the cities and towns of Polk County are, at most, an hour’s drive from the world-class attractions of both Orlando and Tampa Bay. Some of the more popular restaurants in the area that offer discounts and promotions to first time visitors such as Harry’s Old Place, Fish City Grill, Pizza Hut and New Moon Sushi. Finding a new favorite restaurant near your new home is always a plus. You’re also within a 90-minute drive of some of the planet’s most beautiful beaches in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, so there’s no shortage of things to do in this region of Central Florida.

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