Thanks to digital technology, designing a home solely with the help of home and interior designers may soon not be so difficult. That’s because a number of websites, programs, and apps are now available to help you decorate and design rooms, new additions to your home, or even to help you design a new home from scratch. Some of the programs and apps are free downloads. If you’ve always suspected that you may have a talent for interior design or home design – or if you simply aren’t satisfied with what others have designed for you – learn about the design tools listed here, and you might find exactly what you need.

Discussed below is a sample of what’s available, but if you’re designing, there’s a world of digital help out there, and you should check it out thoroughly for yourself. If you’ve always suspected that you may have a talent for interior design or home design – or if you simply aren’t satisfied with what others have designed for you – learn about the design tools listed here, and you might find exactly what you need. If you come up with some ideas and home design plans, and you’re ready to build in Florida, share your ideas and plans with an experienced Florida homebuilder, and your dreams really can come true.



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Based on creative approaches to architectural problem-solving and developed by engineers and artists, Home Design 3D Gold is technology that includes everything you need, and it’s easy to use. Whether you are looking to renovate your house or just move the furniture around, this app can help. Home Design 3D Gold allows you easily to adjust the height and thickness of walls, the shape of the room, and to add and remove details from a large library of assets. Drag and drop windows, doors, and furniture, or build and modify a house the first time you use the app.

Beginning users will appreciate the app’s ease of use and flexibility. For example, you can use both the 2-D and 3-D mode with the same draft. Users might find that it helps to start in 2-D to get the idea percolating, and then move into 3-D for the finishing touch. Home Design 3D Gold also allows several users to synchronize and work on a project together. Home Design 3D Gold is available from Anuman for both iPad and iPhone. The cost is $10, but an abridged “not gold” version of Home Design 3D is downloadable for free.



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RoomSketcher Home Designer is an online floor plan and home design tool that allows you to create floor plans, furnish and decorate them, and visualize your home in 3D. RoomSketcher Home Designer is packed with all of the features you should need. Whether you want to try different furniture arrangements, plan a home renovation, negotiate with a contractor, or provide home designs for your own clients, you’ll find that RoomSketcher Home Designer is a powerful and effective tool.

The drop and drag feature makes drawing a floor plan easy. Then add windows, doors, and stairs. No training or technical drafting knowledge is needed to use RoomSketcher Home Designer, so you can get started immediately. Visualizing your home design in 3D couldn’t be easier. The best part is that RoomSketcher Home Designer is free.

HOME DESIGNER® by Chief Architect Software


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Home Designer® by Chief Architect Software is for home design, interior design, remodeling, and outdoor living projects. The program includes tools for decks, patios, landscaping, and cost estimation. Home Designer® lets you create accurately scaled floor plans and elevations that automatically and immediately generate 3D models. How-to videos offer step-by-step instructions, and there’s free technical support. The 2017 version of Home Designer® Pro retails at Amazon for $495.99, but several less costly versions are also available from Chief Architect Software, and there’s a free trial download for those who want to learn more.



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DreamPlan Home Designer by NCH Software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and Kindle. DreamPlan Home Designer lets you create the floor plan of your house, condo, or apartment, preview colors, flooring, furniture, and decor, and plan out exterior landscaping and gardening spaces. You can easily switch between 3D, 2D, and blueprint view modes and create walls, multiple stories, decks, patios, and roofs. You can also explore all kinds of ideas for kitchens and bathrooms. The “home” version is $24.99 and the “plus” version is $29.99.



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At the HomeByMe website, you’ll read that “Homebyme is about imagining, configuring, visualizing and reviewing home products and furniture layouts using a virtual version of your home surroundings before making any purchasing or remodeling decisions. We believe that designing floor plans or selecting new bedroom colors should be fun, easy and should reflect the consumer’s style and personality in a unique way.”

You can start in two dimensions and build your room from the ground up, finishing with furniture and accessories. Once you’re ready, convert it to 3D, where the walls fall away and you can see inside the design plan you’ve created. HomeByMe is an entirely free, exclusively online design tool.

SMARTDRAW by SmartDraw Software, LLC


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SmartDraw is a suite of programs for graphics and presentations. Floor plans and individual room plans are found under the flow-chart application. SmartDraw lets you design and customize drawings at a professional level. Use it to plan office space, apartments, individual rooms, and even building elevations. SmartDraw can be used for a free trial period, and you can purchase the full program in a Standard version (for $197), a Business version ($297), or the “Enterprise” version ($497). With a vast selection of furniture, building materials, and preloaded plans, SmartDraw provides everything that both beginners and professional designers will need.

SWEET HOME 3D by eTeks


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Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange the furniture, and visit the results in 3D. It’s ideal for those wanting more customization options. The online software is free (login and some information is required), and a more advanced version of Sweet Home 3D can be downloaded. This program is easy to use for beginners, but it also has advanced features for those who want more from their 3D virtual planning experience.

The furniture catalog lets you select components by name, then drag and drop those components into the floor plan. The home furniture list displays the dimensions of each piece. The home 3D view shows your plan in three dimensions so you can visualize the plan as you design. To bring in your floor plan, import it into Sweet Home 3D, scale it, and trace over your plan so you won’t have any guesswork.


The housing market seems to be climbing again, especially here in Central Florida, so it’s a great time to build. Feel free to use any of the tools listed here and to bring your own ideas and designs to an experienced Florida homebuilder. Of course, if you’re not a bit technical and you’re still trying to determine what an “app” is, that’s okay too. An experienced Florida homebuilder can work with you to build the home you need just for now or the home of your dreams.