ne of the big benefits of living in Central Florida is the semi-tropical climate, which makes it possible to enjoy your pool year-round! When building a custom home, we often encounter clients who are ready to create a cool, unique design for their home….but then, they forget the pool and spa! In fact, many don’t realize how many unique and beautiful pool designs are available, so that’s precisely what we’ll explore in today’s article from Hulbert Homes.

The World’s Most Beautiful Pools – Nature-inspired

Few will argue that nature makes some of the most beautiful creations and this is definitely true when it comes to pools! One example is the natural Ik Kil Cave Pool, located in Mexico near Chichen Itza and Piste, in a natural jungle cenote – an ancient sinkhole that has filled with water. Another example is the Pamukkale thermal pools, with their snow white travertine and crystal clear water in the Denizli Province of southern Turkey.

So follow nature’s lead and go natural, whether it’s with a stone or sand pool bottom, fountains and water features, or even a saltwater pool with rock (or faux rock) formations, plants and even fish! Your imagination is really the only limitation. Oh, and don’t forget that you can have fun with lights too!

The World’s Most Beautiful Pools – Unique Shapes

Some of the most beautiful pools come in unique, one-of-a-kind shapes. No boring rectangular pools allowed! Something as simple as a circular pool with an island in the middle can be incredibly unique and beautiful. You can even add jets to create a gentle current to create your very own “lazy river”. An irregular shaped peninsula can also create a very organic pool shape.

If you have the space, you can make the central island into a sitting area, with a bar and/or televisions (or both!)

The World’s Most Beautiful Pools – One-of-a-kind Design Elements

Do something unexpected and you may find that the result is incredibly beautiful. Just ask the Library Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, where they traded the typical blue-green hues for shades of vibrant red and orange. The result? The pool water looks blood red. If red isn’t your thing, consider a different color, like purple, pink or lime green.

You can also be unique in terms of where you place your pool. For instance, you might place your pool on the roof and include a glass panel on the bottom for your own human-sized aquarium. Or nestle it amidst your courtyard for a private oasis type of feel.

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