If you’re building a custom home in Polk County, Florida, you may be searching for a paint color combo that’ll help your home stand out from the crowd. After all, you can’t build a unique, one-of-a-kind dream home and opt for plain white walls and white exterior!

Florida homes can look great in a vast range of different hues, ranging from bright and vivid, to dark and sophisticated or pale pastels. So which colors will help your house stand out from the crowd? Consider these hues for the exterior of your new custom home.

• Pumpkin – Pumpkin can be combined with a darker burnt sienna hue for the trim to make for a bright and cheery home exterior that can look either traditional or modern. This hue can be blended with a bit more tan to make it appear more muted if you’re not a fan of bright colors.

• Sage – Sage green is a very “in” color and it can really capture the tropical feel of Florida, while maintaining an element of elegance. Sage can be combined with a slightly darker olive hue for the trim and accents. Sage is quite versatile, as it can range from very muted and understated to a bit brighter and bolder.

• Lavender Cloud – Lavender cloud is created by blending white with the faintest hints of purple and grey. This color can be very subtle or more pronounced depending upon your personal preferences. This color looks great when it’s accented by a darker plum or mulberry hue.

• Sand – A sandy beige can look great on your home when accented with a bright color, particularly a vivid shade of blue-green or teal. This can work on a super modern home design or on a more traditional style of home.

• Ice Blue – An icy blue can be lovely in the bright sunlight, especially when surrounded by the lush greenery that’s so commonplace in Florida. Accent this ice blue with a vivid hue, such as periwinkle or cornflower. To mute the accent color, blend in more grey.

What Else Should You Consider When Picking a Color for Your Custom Home?

When painting your home’s exterior, you’ll need to consider your home’s location and its sun exposure. Medium and dark colors can really have an adverse impact your home’s energy efficiency because unlike light, reflective colors, these darker hues absorb the sun’s rays.

Air conditioning systems are used year round in most areas of Florida, so your HVAC system will need to work harder to keep your house cool during the heat of the day. This can translate into higher energy bills, particularly for Polk County homes that are in newer developments that lack tree cover and shade from foliage. For these homes, the exterior color is more of a concern, whereas homes in older neighborhoods with denser foliage see a lot less direct sunlight, thereby minimizing your exterior color’s impact on your energy bills.

When you work with an experienced Polk County home builder, you can rest easy knowing that your builder will create a structure that captures and embodies everything that you’ve been envisioning for your new house. If you’re ready to hire a luxury home builder in Polk County or in another area of Central Florida, turn to the experts at Hulbert Homes. Call us today at (863) 647-5815.