Construction a custom home can be a fun and exciting experience, as you transform your dreams and your ideas into a brick and mortar reality. That’s one of our specialties here at Hulbert Homes, a luxury home builder serving Mulberry, Florida and the surrounding region of Central Florida.

Mulberry is located in Polk County, just a stone’s throw from Tampa and Orlando, so it’s an ideal location for anyone who wants to enjoy Florida’s temperate, semi-tropical climate, in a lovely city that’s within easy driving distance of two major cities.

So what advantages will you enjoy if you build a custom home instead of choosing a pre-built structure? Consider the following perks of a customized construction project.

Personalization to Suit Your Lifestyle

When you build a custom home, you can rest easy knowing that your new house will be constructed in a way that suits your unique needs and lifestyle. If you have mobility problems, we can create features that are highly accessible. If you are an “outdoorsy” person, you may be well-suited to a home with a courtyard and sliding glass panels that allow you to open your house to the great outdoors. Your imagination is the only limit!

Built to Your Preferences and Specs

Building a custom home provides you with a chance to choose materials, fixtures, floor plan, size and many other elements. You can literally build the home of your dreams. With the right contractor, you can create a house that has the look and feel that you’ve always wanted.

Customization to Accommodate Your Hobbies and Passions

Building a custom home provides you with a chance to accommodate your passions and hobbies. So if you’re a sports fan, you can include your very own game room, complete with your own team colors! If you love pets, we can create a range of pet-friendly structures, from “catwalks,” to a pet lounge or aviary. Passionate about the environment? You can build a super efficient “green” home with a design and materials that will minimize any adverse environmental impact.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life

When you build a custom luxury home, you quite literally bring your dreams to life! You imagine it and we build it. Some clients will opt to start with a “base model” which they tailor and customize to suit their unique preferences, while others will work one-on-one with an architect who designs a one-of-a-kind home that’s truly unlike any other on the planet. The choice is yours.

A More Engaging Experience

There’s something really special about constructing a custom home. It’s not everyday that you can imagine something fabulous and then transform that mental image into a reality. But that’s precisely what you’ll be doing when you build a custom home. Quite simply, building a customized luxury home is fun and your satisfaction level is apt to be much higher when you’re actively involved in the design and construction process.

When you choose Hulbert Homes to be your Mulberry luxury home builder, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll capture your vision to create something fabulous! We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our firm. And if you feel that we’re the right home builder for your new custom home, give us a call at (863) 647-5815.