The traditional Florida home style really lends itself to a sleek, modern design aesthetic. In fact, modern luxury homes are amongst our specialties here at Hulbert Homes, a luxury home builder serving Mulberry, Florida and the surrounding area of Central Florida.

Nestled in in the heart of Polk County, Mulberry is situated within driving distance of both Tampa and Orlando, which makes it a popular choice for commuters. It’s also a location with a fair amount of new construction. So if you choose a modern design for your custom home, what are some of the most popular modern design trends that you should consider? That’s exactly what we’ll explore today.

Modern Design Trend #1: Minimalism

Minimalist design is a classic modern design trend that has seen a resurgence in popularity in the past few years. Minimalism involves a clean, clutter-free design, with an emphasis on geometric shapes and often, a very precise color scheme. This can be a very clean, elegant look with an element of genius that dwells within its simplicity.

Modern Design Trend #2: High-Contrast Duo-Chrome Color Schemes

High-contrast color schemes are a very popular modern design aesthetic, although the “in” colors do vary from season to season.

With this approach, you would pick two colors that contrast very dramatically, such as black and white or red and white or black and pale green. You can choose a different color scheme for each room or you can continue the color scheme throughout several rooms.

Modern Design Trend #3: Organic Elements

With the trend in “going green” and eco-friendliness, many modern designs are going back to basics with some very organic, earthy elements. This particular design aesthetic includes lots of wood, water, glass, stone, earth-friendly linens such as bamboo, and living elements, such as plants and fish tanks.

These organic elements can be integrated into the actual home in terms of the flooring, walls, and built-in planters and water features. You can also go a long way toward completing this look by selecting earth-inspired furnishings and decorative elements with lots of natural fibers and earthy colors such as black, white, beige and green.

Modern Design Trend #4: Lots of Glass

If you’ve ever thought of building a glass house, then Mulberry, Florida may be the perfect place to make this dream a reality! Florida’s warm year-round temperatures mean that you won’t have to worry about sky high heating bills and with special UV coatings and multi-pane construction, modern glass is more energy efficient than ever before. So if you’re inspired to add skylights or to floor-to-ceiling windows, then by all means, go for it! You can also integrate glass into other areas of your home, such as flooring.

Modern Design Trend #5: Black Ceilings

Give up the traditional white ceiling in favor of a black ceiling! This can add a very modern design aesthetic to any room. It’s important to maintain white (or light colored) walls and plenty of lighting or even skylights. Otherwise, you could end up with a look that’s more “boxy” than it is modern.

Hulbert Homes offers luxury home construction services to clients in Mulberry, Florida and throughout Polk County and other regions of Central Florida. Modern home designs are amongst our specialties, so we invite you to learn more about our company and all that we have to offer to clients who are ready to build a custom home. Contact Hulbert Homes by calling (863) 647-5815.