Best Wall Paint Colors to Match Your Personality

Best Wall Paint Colors to Match Your PersonalityIf you’re building a new custom home, you’ll need to make many decisions, from the floor plan and layout, to roofing materials, flooring types, fixtures and wall colors. White walls just won’t do your home justice, but how do you pick the right wall paint colors to match your personality? Using the psychology of color, we’ll explore how to pick paint colors for your new home!

Space Perception and Paint Color

One of the most important elements to consider is how a particular paint color impacts your perception of space.

Dark colors tend to be best for larger rooms because dark paint makes a room feel smaller. Light colors tend to be better for smaller rooms, as light paint colors make a room look larger.

Wall Paint Colors and Color Psychology

To find the ideal glow for your new home’s walls, you’ll want to consider the most common psychological associations with each glow. Color can have a tremendous impact on your mood and even your level of alertness. In fact, this is why hospitals and other medical facilities always use pale green and pale blue hues, as these colors have been found to calm patients, while reducing pain. It’s essential to keep color psychology in mind when you pick the wall paint colors for your home.

Red –Red is a vibrant, stimulating pigment associated with passion, energy, warmth and emotional intensity. This is a good glow if you’re intense, outgoing and/or want to feel more alert and engaged in a particular room. Large swaths of red can be overstimulating, so you may wish to use this in combination with other colors, perhaps as a “feature wall.”

Orange – Orange is an energetic, happy and fun pigment. It’s stimulating both physically and emotionally, making this a great color if you’re a happy, optimistic person seeking to reflect this attitude in your new home. This is a popular color for the kitchen, as it’s an area where you tend to have lots of energy and socialization.

Darker orange hues, such as burnt sienna or pumpkin, can be associated with autumn, comfort and abundance.

Yellow – Yellow is a super optimistic and happy color that’s associated with opportunity. It promotes creativity and confidence. This color is also very uplifting on a psychological level, making it a great choice if you’re a personification of sunshine or if you’re the type of person who can benefit from a pick-me-up. Vibrant yellows should generally be avoided in areas where over-stimulation could be problematic, such as the bedroom (although some pale yellows can be suitable for the bedroom.)

Green – Green is a wonderful color associated with balance, peace, harmony, growth, and nature. It’s a refreshing color that’s wonderful for people who are seeking a soothing, calm atmosphere with gentle energizing qualities. It’s also a great color if you find yourself struggling to find balance and equilibrium.

Bright green is a great color for the office or bedroom, where you can benefit from calming and soothing environment where you can also remain alert.

Blue – Blue is a calming, serene color, associated with relaxation, intelligence, coolness, and clarity. Some blues may be perceived as a sad color, while brighter, lighter blues can be viewed as calming, making it a great pick for high-strung individuals who can benefit from a soothing environment.

Best Wall Paint Colors to Match Your PersonalityPurple – Purple is a very unique color that’s linked to creativity, spiritualism, luxury and royalty. This is a great color for a creative person or someone who possesses a regal elegance. This paint color can also be wonderful for more spiritual people.

Pink – Pink is a happy, fun, feminine color that’s linked to happiness, friendship, and light-hearted child-like qualities. That makes pink a great paint color for those who would like to feed their inner child, while maintaining a fun, bright atmosphere.

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