The Benefits of Making Your Home a Smart Home

Benefits of Making Your Home a Smart HomeIf you’re in the process of building a new Florida custom home, you may want to consider adding technology to transform a typical home into a clever home! But what makes a smart home smart? And what are the benefits? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll explore in today’s article!

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a house that has been outfitted with technology that can be used to control or automate various processes and functions inside the home. Smart home technology can impact many areas of your home, such as:

  • the home security and monitoring system;
  • surveillance cameras;
  • lighting and appliances;
  • the irrigation system and landscaping lighting;
  • thermostats;
  • windows, blinds, and storm shutters;
  • door locks, garage doors and security gates;
  • the doorbell;
  • …and beyond.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Home?

A smart home brings many different benefits, especially when it comes to convenience and peace of mind. With a clever home, you can do everything from peeking in on the dogs while you’re away, to turning up the air conditioning while you’re en route home, and even unlocking the doors with a fingerprint or remotely using your smartphone.

There are even new intelligent appliances, such as a intelligent refrigerator that is equipped with lights and cameras with remote activation capabilities that allow you to view the contents of your refrigerator while you’re at the supermarket!

The many clever home benefits are also wonderful for providing improved accessibility to older individuals or homeowners with a disability. Many systems offer voice command technology or mobile device integration, allowing you to control the lights, thermostat, and appliances in a way that’s accessible and convenient for you.

Energy efficiency is another major smart home benefit. Virtually all smart home appliances are Energy Star-rated for optimal efficiency. Plus, you can save electricity, water, and other resources with a “smart” thermostat, smart lighting and an intelligent irrigation system. For instance, you can turn up the air conditioning remotely when you’re leaving the office, or program certain window shades to go down during the heat of the day.

Benefits of Making Your Home a Smart HomeThere’s also an added element of novelty to your smart home, making it easier to resell. Many homeowners also report that their smart homes sell for a higher price when compared to similar homes that are comparable in terms of square footage, bathroom/bedroom quantities, location, and style.

Smart home residents enjoy greater peace of mind too, since you can check up on your home whenever the urge arises. Surveillance videos and microphones allow you to see and hear what’s happening inside your home, and you can take action remotely, providing a sense of control, even when you’re away.

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